About Belmont Press

Belmont Press is a trade finisher, which specializes in pre-bindery operations. Despite what many believe we do not put ink to paper. Our business prides itself on providing specialized finishing service to print, making that carton, business card, envelope or package into something really special.

Your Printer will design and produce the product and we will add the shine, sparkle, texture, glimmer, glow, luster or de-luster in a timely and cost – effective manner.

For more than 50 years Belmont Press has built its success through people and we have worked with hundreds of local printers over the years.
The commitment, integrity and technical competence of those who have gone before us as employees have contributed to build Belmont into one of the largest and most successful trade operation.

Belmont Press Building

Our History

Belmont Press was established in 1952 with one cylinder press in a garage on Dupont Street, doing creasing, embossing and die cutting. During the 1960’s the company made two moves to larger buildings, located in Downsview, and added foil stamping to it’s list of processes. Greeting card finishing was the company’s largest product during the 1970’s and this required increased stamping capacity and a building addition. In the 1980’s a Bobst die cutter and two Bobst foil stamping machines were purchased to replace the cylinder presses.

In 1991 Belmont Press purchased Celloglas, a company producing film lamination and UV coating. These two companies operated in different buildings until 1994 when a 50,000 square foot building was custom built in Markham to accommodate both companies.

Since moving to the new building Belmont Press has purchased: a 40″ Bobst computerized foil stamper, a 50″ Bobst stamper, 2 Bobst Domino 90 gluers, 3 Steinemann spot coaters, a Steinemann overall coater, a Steinemann film laminator and a Steinemann Hibis.

Belmont Press is able to put up to seven different finishing processes on a customer’s printed sheet. This improves quality, speeds production and keeps the unit finishing cost low.

The Belmont Press business goal is to be recognized by the printing industry as their highest quality source of the specialized finishing services we perform

Established in
Purchased Celloglas
New Building


Bobst SP 102 BMA

Bobst sp 102E

 Bobst SP 126 BMA

Heidelberg cylinder

3 Kluge Platen

Steinemann Calibri-s 102

Steinemann Topspot 102

Steinemann Hibus

MGI Jet Varnish Evolution

Bobst Media 100 III folder/gluer

Bobst Domino 90

Max Sheet Size

28 x 40

28 x 40

36 X 50

22 X 30

14 X 22

40 X 58

28 X 40

28 X 40

29 X 47

31.5 X 35.37

31.5 X 35.37

Min Sheet Size





4 X 5

10 X 13

11 X 15

11 X 15

12 X 18

2.75 X 5

2.75 X 5

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