Job Requirements:

  • 1-2 days lead time for raised U.V.
  • 2-3 days lead time for Foil
  • All Stocks must be coated
  • We request artwork in the quoting process for accurate costs.
  • Editable PDF imposed of varnish file only. 

AIS Scanning System

The AIS scanning system is a game changer. The AIS system scans every sheet as it passes through the press matching it up the CMYK file that was used to print it. It then matches up the position of the Varnish mask to the CMYK file to guarantee positioning without the use of side guides, grippers, or registration marks.

Variable Data

With digital comes variable data. We are now capable of foiling or raised varnishing elements such as text and graphics differently on one sheet to the next, without stopping or slowing the press.

MGI JET Varnish Evolution

Brand new to Belmont Press and the latest and greatest in digital finishing technology. The jet varnish Evolution is capable of a variety of processes, as well as being equipped with a variety of cutting edge technology. But, just because it is digital does not mean it will not work with your offset sheets. The Evolution max sheet size is 29”x47” meaning Belmont is capable of applying digital raised Varnish and Foil to B1 Sheet size.

Raised U.V. and Foil Stamping

The MGI Evolution can apply an extremely glossy finish to almost any substrate. The height of the varnish is easily increased and is measured in microns. The minimum hight being 7 and maximum being 232 in a single pass.


The Evolution being a digital machine has the ability to prototype your product. This is an effective tool both before and after the sales cycle. You could have a sample book of your designs in house for the customer to look through or if they have something specific in mind we can create a prototype for you before we you get the order.

Read more about the MGI Jet Varnish Evolution

Jet Varnish 3D evo