Job Requirements:

  • 3-7 days lead time
  • Positive pdf of only foil stamped position 100%

Don't do's of Foil Stamping

  1. Don’t drop the area to be stamped out of the background printing.
  2. Don’t UV coat or film laminate the sheet before stamping.
  3. Don’t print a sheet for stamping that has a surface energy of less than 38 dynes.
  4. Don’t use inks or varnishes containing waxes or silicones.
  5. Don’t over-use offset spray.

Foil stamping

Foil stamping adds a striking finish to any printed sheet. A full range of coloured foils are available in high gloss metallic, matte metallic, gloss and matte pigments, pearltones and tints. In addition, specialty foils include multicolour products, diffraction foils and preprinted two and three dimensional holograms. Belmont Press has a 28″ x 40″ Bobst press that stamps registered holograms.

Stamping foil can be applied to sit flat on the sheet, stamped and embossed in one pass, or stamped flat and embossed in a second pass. Sculptured multilevel stampings are accomplished by using a hand finished brass die.

By putting heat stamping, coating and laminating machines under one roof in our plant, Belmont Press is able to run each process in the correct sequence. We are also able to test the coating or laminating over the foil before production is run, to ensure acceptable adhesion and appearance. Multiple operations run in one plant, also speeds production times and produces competitive pricing.


Belmont Press has been in the foil stamping business for more then 50 years. Over our long history of stamping we have worked with almost every foil company including ITW foils, Kurz, Crown Roll Leaf inc., Foil Tech, and Infinity Foils. We are able to colour match every foil you can specify.