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Foil Stamping

Foil stamping or Heat stamping is the process of adhering metallic film to variety of different substrates. The most common foils are gold and silver but there are many different shades, pigments and, styles. Belmont is of foil stamping sheets 13x19 all the way up to 36"x 50". Belmont is also capable of Digital foiling thanks to our MGi Jetvarnish Evo. This process requires no dies and very minimal lead time to obtain beautiful cup die effects.



Diecutting is an essential step in almost every print project and we are experts.  Cutting sheets sizes from 13" x 19" to 36" x 50". Whether its creasing, cut crease, perf, and auto stripping we have it covered.



Gluing is the process of converting flat mesh into your final product. We are capable of gluing flat meshes up to 39" wide. Box types include straightline, reverse tuck, 1-2-3 bottom, hymes bottom, 4 corner and 6 corner and a variety of other specialty products. 



Embossing or debossing is a subtle way of adding value to your printed product. We use dies and counters to press the sheet and create relief/texture. Embossing and debossing can be used to create some striking effects by registering it to print, Blind embossing which is usually done on a blank sheet, or combining embossing with foil stamping for the ultimate luxury look. 



Lamination is the number one way to add value and protect your printed product. Belmont has the largest capacity for thermal lamination in the GTA after our purchase of Highlight lamination. Belmont works with all major lamination supplier to get any film you might require. The most commonly used films include. Gloss OPP, Matte OPP, Matte Scuff resistant, and Matte Soft touch.


Spot U.V.Coating

Spot or overall u.v. coating is a great way to highlight a particular part of your printed project or give a glossy layer of protection. Not only do we offer traditional offline u.v. coating but we also are capable of Digital raised u.v. coating. 

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